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Cheating - Infidelity
Suspect your partner may be cheating or having an affair? We provide services that can help you find the answers you need including, surveillance. Don't spend another sleepless night wondering is your partner being truthful?
Have you been wrongfully accused of a crime or recently arrested? Do you have a private investigator working diligently on your case? Contact us so we can help you with your defense.
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We would love to help you, please fill out the form on the contact pages with you current situation or case. If you prefer a brief 6 minutes live consultation call: 1 (570) 237-6731
Custody Matter
Are you sharing custody of your child with an ex or a child's other parent. Do you worry that they are not being care for properly when they are away from you?

Private Investigator PA

free_consultation_buttonFinding a private investigator in PA (Pennsylvania) can be difficult, JS Investigation & Consulting has over 25 plus years of investigative experience, 21 years of which come from a  law enforcement background. We provide our clients with the best private investigator PA services (NEPA) has to offer. Our philosophy at JS Investigation is very simple: To provide our clients with the necessary information they need to help resolve their situation. We will work for you with a team of both experienced & professional private detectives, while maintaining confidentiality at all times. We are now serving Pennsylvania PA: Luzerne, Pike Lackawanna, Wayne, Monroe, Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Bloomsburg, Columbia, Hazleton, NEPA.  

Our chief investigator has been trained and certified as a capital case/death penalty investigator. He has investigated numerous capital cases in the state of Pennsylvania. We are licensed and bonded private investigator and will always be available to answer any questions or concerns regarding your matter. How much money have you wasted on investigators that didn’t uncover the evidence you needed in a case?Be assured, here at JS Investigation, our goal is to help you resolve your matter with investigators you can trust and depend on. Our clients are our main concern. If you have questions concerning the following you can contact us.


Cohabitation, Background Checks, Missing Persons, Child Custody, Cheating, Surveillance "Click Here"


Expungement Research, Interviews, Witness Location, Photography, Process Service, Video Depositions "Click Here"


Falsely accused, Evidence & Case Review, Defense Investigation, Criminal & Capital Cases, Narcotics Investigation, Death Investigation "Click Here"


Workman's Compensation, Disability Claims, Photography, Video Surveillance "Click Here"

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Looking for a private investigator in PA? Here at JS Investigation, our clients are our are main concern. We are here to help you and get the answers you are seeking. Whether you need closure with your current situtaion or are involved in a criminal or personal matter, let us use our 25+ years of investigative experience to get you through this difficult time in your life. Private Investigator Pa: Wilkes Barre, Scranton, NEPA

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More Services

  • Civil

    JS Investigation & Consulting can help you with civil issues, including interviews related to cases, process service, and photography. We can also provide video depositions and witness location, all of which are used to create a comprehensive view of your case or civil matter.
  • Criminal

    Some of our criminal related services include case reviews, defense investigation, criminal cases, polygraphs, process service, capital cases, narcotic investigation, witness protection, trial preparation, photography and evidence review.
  • Domestic

    Is your partner cheating on you? JS Investigation can help alleviate issues related to alimony / cohabitation, background checks, infidelity, child custody, child endangerment, video surveillance and GPS tracking.


  • I have used JS Investigation & Consulting in my criminal law practice for years, their investigative and interviewing skills our superb. Their extensive experience in law enforcement provides a valuable insight into any matter, their approach saves time and resources. JS Investigation is relentless in locating witnesses or chasing a lead, they are available any hour or any day to perform the task required. JS Investigation is a valuable asset to my criminal law practice.
    Demetrius W. Fannick, Attorney
  • They have a proven track record to achieve successful outcomes for me and my clients. I also know that JS Investigations will work within the confines of the law to achieve those results, and will use common sense in their approach. In my opinion, there is nobody better than JS Investigation, and I would recommend their services to anyone without reservation
    Robert Trichilo, Attorney